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Soy Wax Deco Candles x 12

Soy Wax Deco Candles x 12


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9 x Home Party Decor Tealights – If you like to get more please ask.
Available in White Ecru & Pink
♡ Long Lasting Quality Candles ♡

Made of 100% Natural High-Quality Wax.

Great for Weddings, Dinners, spa & Restaurants.

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Care instructions:

Trim wick to ¼ inch (0.6 cm).
Keep away from drafts and flammables.
Burn 2-3 hours max per use.
Extinguish safely with a snuffer or dip wick.
Stop burning at ½ inch (1.25 cm) wax left.
Use on stable, heat-resistant surfaces.
Never leave it unattended.
Happy candle moments! 🕯️


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