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We are serious about Sustainability

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Embrace the three R’s as your mantra to” your daily life.  Be mindful of your consumption and choose wisely to reduce it. Reuse items whenever possible, and recycle to minimize waste and save resources.

As someone who is 57 years old, fully embracing sustainable choices requires taking a proactive approach. This involves actions such as growing our own produce and supporting the environment, as well as carefully selecting high-quality ingredients for the creation of my soap products.

An excellent example is all my ingredients are from eco-friendly suppliers  and use natural sustainable materials such as compostable packaging,  

As a Eco Warrior !

In the previous discussion, I addressed the environmental implications of transitioning to bar soap. Today, I’ll be exploring two particular bars that I believe are excellent to start with. If you’re considering switching to an Eco Warrior Facial bar, buy a sample of sensitive bar soap from Here you won’t be disappointed!

I begin the process of natural soap making Through trial and error, a lot of time spent scouring the internet and books, and quite a few unsuccessful batches. Mallini Au Natural Soaps are for who simply want to have healthy, toxin-free lifestyle.


Thanks for choosing Mallini au Natural Soap

Mallini au Natural Soap is a small family business running in Hillingdon, London UK.

We are eco-lovers and making soap with all plant-based high-quality ingredients that you wouldn’t believe there are no animal products involved.

You can call it as all vegan soaps as well. That’s why we take care of selecting ingredients that are only natural and pure also sustainably sourced.


Our soaps are made cold-processed in small batches and free from palm oil.

Our dreamy, creamy soaps are hand poured and scented with only essential oils and are free from harmful chemicals such as synthetic fragrance oils, parabens,

phthalates, petroleum by-products and artificial colouring /preservatives. But it’s not just what’s on inside the soap that matters –


Being Eco-conscious is much easier than you think….

We have made good progress on our journey to make sure all our plastic free, zero waste and all soap wraps are made from recycled materials.


We are using a high-quality blend of plant-based oils and butters, such as Olive, Coconut, Avocado, Sunflower, Sweet Almond, Castor, and Jojoba oils.

These amazing natural oils give you a lot of skin benefits and leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturised.

Also, we coloured our soaps purely with British clays and plant extracts which are mainly get from the UK-certified local suppliers and farmers to support each other

to ensure all our products are safe.

Our soap is slowly cured for 4-6 weeks with each bar being unique in nature and varying slightly in size, shape, and weight.

The Story Behind Mallini Soaps

My daughter Mallini was diagnosed with an embryo sarcoma was an aggressive type of a tumour, went through to 3 of her organs. It was a roller coaster of hospital stays, liver and diaphragm surgeries, chemo treatments, and many trials of faith until she ultimately passed away in September 2018.

“We each have the choice to become bitter or better”

“You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.”

I stare at the colourful portrait of her, taken on her tour in France back in 2017. The face in three-quarter profile, the wide open smile. I used to call her teeth as chunky coconut pieces.

When a child passes away and there is a long life ahead, words seem insignificant. However, when you encounter someone who empathizes with your situation, words are no longer necessary.

There is no bubble anymore; no illusion. There is only this life, and this person here without you – your mother.

And I miss you. So intensely sometimes that it scares me. And I love you, so much that nothing else ever does.

The truth is these hardships allow us to better trust in God and learn His will for us. If we turn our will over to God we will become better through the trial. If we do not we will become consumed by them.

She is where God needs her to be, can now look at our daughter and rejoice in where she is now…

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